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Reunion 2009: Bios, Ralph Renfro

Hi All, after graduation from SHS, I attended OSU for two years and two summer sessions. In late summer of 66 I moved to Sterling, Kansas to enroll in Sterling College. I still wanted a chance to play baseball. I graduated from SC in December of 1968 with a BS in Elementary Education. In January of 69, I took over the contract of a young man who had been drafted out of his job. I almost made it through the semester without getting the call, however it came anyway. I transfered my draft board from Payne County to Butler County Kansas, to get and additional 30 days to finish out the year. In the meantime I started working with an Air Force Recruiter hoping to become a "Jet Jockey", as I didn't care for swamps at that point in my life. After induction test and AF test and whatever, I didn't pass my AF Physical because of some fused vertebrae in my lower back.

After the first year of teaching was over, I took a job in Chase, Kansas teaching Middle School math and science, coaching FB, BB, and Track. The next 32 years was spent in the same position, except after earning a Masters in 1981, the last 21 years also included the principalship of the school. For the last 20 years, I always had a student that I had taught one or both of their parents in Jr. High. Pretty Cool!

Oh did I mention, in April of 69 I married Dianne Daniels and we will celebrate our 40th Anniversary on April 25th. We have a daughter, Krystyn, and two Wonderful Grandkids, Griffin 10 and Isabel 9. They live in JayHawk land in Lawrence.

Outside of my school life, I've been actively involved in Drag Racing and of course fishing and hunting. Dianne and I bought our first new car together in May of 69, a GTO Judge.
We still own the "Dinosaur", and it has all of 30,000 miles on it.

I began bowhunting in the late 70,s and have server on the Executive Council of the Kansas Bowhunters Association for 16 years, 4 of that as President. In 91, I began building my own equipment, bow bows and arrows and have been hunting primitive since that time.

During the last year I teamed up with friends from Stillwater, Norman, and Sapulpa to found the Oklahoma Selfbow Society. The OSS was established to educate and instruct others in the building of Native American Archery Equipment. We have a Rendezvous the third weekend in March, 6 miles east and 6 miles south of Stillwater. It has grown over its first 5 years, from 75 attendees the first year to over 500 this past March. This year, we have attendees from 14 different states.

I have been retired from Education for 8 years now and am helping out a friend with his farm and mechanical repair shop. Gotta pay health insurance some way.

Looking forward to seeing you all in October.

Ralph, Still The Youngest Kid in Our Class, Renfro